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Bridging the Gap Between Breast Cancer and Beauty


The images in the vide directly below are graphic. They show pictures of breasts after reconstructive surgery after a complete mastectomy. These photos are intended to spread hope to all women who have survived their battle with breast cancer and are now looking for a way to feel whole, complete and beautiful once again.

Hope and Help:

Embrace             Educate            Empower


Bridging the Gap foundation is the only 501c3 non-profit organization created to educate empower and assist women with their rights, choices and options in their complete Breasthetic recovery, before during and after breast cancer.

By far the best!


"Thanks to Bridging the Gap...I finally look like a woman again."

-Lori, 53 year old breast cancer survivor

Amazing results...


"When my friend Holly, another breast cancer survivor said that her 3d nipples looked "phenomenal" I knew I had to go to Rachell Hall's Breasthetic Clinic too!
-Shana, 42 year old breast cancer survivor




Heath Magazine

October 2010


Health Magazine

October 2011

Health Magazine 

October 2012

InSmile Magazine 

​June 2023​

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