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Rachell Hall Breasthetics
What is

Many women feel they need to have the three dimensional look of nipples to make white mounds on their chests feel like they are their breasts after a major reconstruction mastectomy and Rachell can make that happen!


Enjoy this wonderful interview by Wendy Hartley, and actual breast cancer survivor who did her completion proceedure with Rachell Hall, Breasthetics Founder.

Helping women reclaim their personal sense of completion and beauty

There is not nearly enough information available to educate women on their aesthetic choices. Most women are unaware of the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act passed in 1998 guaranteeing every women’s right to complete breast reconstruction post mastectomy. Most are unaware that, even when they choose complete reconstruction and insurance companies deny their claim to these rights, they can appeal these unjust denials and be reimbursed for the services that their insurance companies claim to provide.

The Red Tape Surrounding the Pink Ribbon

Bridging the Gap Foundation is dedicated to helping women unravel the red tape surrounding the pink ribbon.


A young women, Susan, came into Rachell Hall's Breasthetic Clinic for her final reconstructive procedure (what Rachell calls Breasthetics™). After a consultation, she booked an appointment. A week later she called to cancel the appointment because her insurance company told her the procedure was not medically necessary.
If you were to look at Susan’s before picture of surgically created white breast mounds with no nipple or areola, understanding that at this time, the young woman is a mother of an eight-year-old daughter, you would clearly see why the procedure was medically, emotionally and physically necessary!

Rachell was outraged and invited the young woman to keep her appointment anyway and 45 happy minutes later, Susan was thrilled to say that she looks and feels like a real girl again!


Susan’s story motivated Rachell to throw herself into the battle in attempt to make certain Susan’s insurance company and all other insurance companies fairly reimburse women for their final reconstructive procedures after breast cancer.

Find out more about how you can help... 1-800-343-3223  or emailing
Bridge the Gap and help women to continue thriving and surviving through breast cance.

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