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At the Rachell Hall Breasthetics™ Clinic, we are proud to be considered our physicians best friend. Once your patient has recovered from the medical proceedures of reconstruction, we add "the icing on the cake" and with our 3 D Nipple tattoos, help women feel whole, complete and beautiful once again.


We lovingly help women celebrate their return to beautiful.

Rachell Hall Breasthetics
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Rachell Hall Breasthetics
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Refering Physicians
BreastheticsTM 3 - D Nipple tattoos
Helping women through her artistry and science, Rachell Hall with over 20 years of expertise is the perfect resource for physicians who want to know that when they refer their cancer patients for their finishing experience and their patients will find gentleness, warmth, understanding, kindness and an celebration. 
We Help Physicians Look Great
Rachell Hall Breasthetics
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