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Rachell Hall Breasthetics founder

Rachell Hall

Permanent Makeup Artist For Over 25 Years

Founder of The Breasthetics Foundation

Rachell Hall has been an icon of creating classic, natural beauty with permanent makeup for over 25 years.  She has been serving an international clientele with permanent eyeliner, lip liner, lip color and eyebrows making any woman feel naturally beautiful.  Breasthetics, the art of 3-d nipple areola tattoo post mastectomy is also her speciatly.  She is passionate about helping women feel whole, beautiful and complete after breast cancer surgery and reconstruction.


Rachell is an artist, encourager, giver, extraordinary expert and a respected leader in her industry.

At the Rachell Hall Breasthetics Clinic our goal is to lovingly escort breast cancer survivors through their final reconstructive procedure of Breasthetics. We not only focus on the exterior beauty of the reconstructed breast, we celebrate the amzing feeling of completion with our Patients/Clients. We are committed to treating the whole, complete human being by understanding the psychological, emotional and physical effects women experience after their battle with breast cancer.


We also realize that through the medical experience of battling cancer, women suffer external losses like eyebrows and eyelashes. We help women find their sense of beauty and confidence by offering services that help with these losses as well.


Bridging the Gap Between Breast Cancer and Beauty: Rachell Hall and The Breasthetics Clinic help support complete Breasthetic recovery after breast reconstruction due to cancer. The mission of Rachell Hall is to help all women bridge the gap between breast cancer and beauty, chemotherapy and common sense, hemostats and hope.​  Rachell Hall has been a leader in the health and beauty industries for more than thirty years. For the last twenty, she has been dedicated to helping women through the final stages of post mastectomy breast reconstruction. Her signature 3-D method of areola/nipple dermal repigmentation is unsurpassed and she is well known throughout the profession for her artistic abilities.

Rachell is a guest speaker for breast cancer survivor organizations, a consultant to plastic surgeons and physicians and a contributing writer for health and beauty magazines. Check out Rachell's Speaking and Books.

The Breasthetics Institute for Clinicians: With over 20 years of experience in helping women through her artistry, Rachell Hall offers training, licensing opportunities and certification for her trade-marked Breasthetics method. At the Breasthetics Institute of America clinicians can become certified through a curriculum recognized by PPIB, Profesional Program Insurance Brockers, for those wishing to specialize in Oncology Breasthetics. PPIB is the leader in insuring qualified clinicians in this new and rewarding paramedical specialty. Find out how you can become a certified and insured Clinical Breasthetician. 1-800-343-3223 or visit

Rachell Hall Breasthetics founder

Physician Endorsements

The finest board certified plastic surgeons trust and refer their patients to the Breasthetics Clinic. 

Breasthetics: 8075 E. Morgan Trail Suite 2, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, Toll Free:  800.343.3223

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