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Rachell Hall Breasthetics Institute

Bring this amazing medical technique to your community.

Training, Licensing and National Certification

The  BREASThetics Institute™
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  • Learn Breasthetics, a non-surgical procedure that is the final breast defining step post-mastectomy

  • Give breast surgery patients renewed confidence and hope.

  • Improve your income and your status.

  • Increase your career enjoyment.

  • Be in-demand by patients, plastic surgeons and physicians

  • Learn how to bridge the gap between breast cancer and beauty for women who have survived breast cancer and surgery.

Curriculum for Comprehensive Training & Certification by Rachell Hall

Rachell Hall Breasthetics Institute

There are three distinct elements of our craft; the science of color, the technique of application and the beauty of the woman’s breast. I have coined the term “Breasthetics” which I define  as the unity of science, technique and beauty in restoring the natural appearance of the breast after breast surgery.  

BIA not only focuses on the exterior beauty of the breast but we treat our Patients/Clients as a whole human beings by understanding the psychological, emotional and physical effects after breast cancer.    

If you feel called to investigate this new vocation,  you will find that is not only profitable but most  necessary and vital to the women in your community filled with women who need this kind of restoration, hope and caring.


There is great satisfaction in giving each of your Patients/Clients back their sense of femininity, confidence and feeling of completeness.


I welcome you to stand with me as we become an imperative part of a solutionfor women winning over breast cancer. 


I commit nothing but the best to all of my certified and trained breasthetics clinicians.

To Strength, Restoring Hope and Beauty,
Rachell Hall, Founder

Phase 1 - Introduction to Breast Cancer
Understanding Breast Cancer
Psychology of Breast Cancer Patients/Clients
Introduction to Areola Pigmentation
Plan of Treatment

Phase 2 - Business/Marketing of Breasthetics

Business Set-up, Supplies and Tools
Working With Physicians
"Bridging The Gap" Foundation
Marketing Material

Phase 3 - Understanding Medical Billing/Insurance

Billing Medical Insurance
Malpractice Insurance

Phase 4 - Anatomy of the Breast

Areola Anatomy
Skin Texture
Variation of Areola Size, Texture and Color

Phase 5 - Patient/Client Consultation

Forms and Documentation
Physical Evaluation
Areola Placement and Measurements
Post Procedural Care

Phase 6 - Rachell Hall 3 Dimensional Collage

Theory of Color and Pigment
Rachell Hall's 3 Dimensional Collage Application™

To Learn More about Future Class Dates contact:

Breasthetics Institute of America™
8075 E. Morgan Trail, Suite 2
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
FAX 480.907. 2894

Also inquire about special education grants and eligibility.

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